Santa Barbara Tile and Stone Cleaning Services

  • Counter-tops

    Counter-tops in the bathroom and kitchen are used on a daily basis and become worn. Also, cleaning products may work well but they remove the sealant from the stone and leave it open to staining.

  • Showers & Grout

    Showers are constantly exposed to water and left damp for extended periods of time leaving them prone to mold and mildew problems. Soap residue and mineral deposits will build up as well with daily use.

  • Exterior Floor, Surface Cleaning & Sealing

    We can clean, wax, seal, finish, polish, and protect your floors and surfaces. Santa Barbara Tile, Marble and Stone Care cleans, polishes, and seals showers, counter-tops, outdoor patios, and more.

  • Interior Floor, Surface Polishing & Sealing

    Santa Barbara Tile, Marble & Stone Cleaning is your neighborhood tile cleaning, grout cleaning, marble polishing, and stone cleaning and polishing company.

  • Marble, Stone Cleaning, Honing, Polishing & Sealing

    Cleaning stone floors and surfaces on your own never delivers the results you are looking for. It just can't restore the wear, scratches and dull marks from acidic foods, drinks and products.

  • Commercial Floor Services

    Our commercial services for tile cleaning, grout cleaning, tile sealing, grout sealing, stone cleaning, stone polishing, and stone sealing.

  • Grout & Caulk Repair

    Stained, loose or missing grout is a very common problem especially in showers and around sinks and counter-top backsplashes that are continually exposed to moisture.

  • Stone Hole & Chip Repair

    You may get holes in your stone floor from time to time espcially with travertine or saltillo tile. Counter-tops like granite or marble may also have chips that need filling.

  • Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

    Concrete garage floors can become stained, cracked and even filled with holes. Epoxy garage floor coatings are a very popular choice to revamp garages. Epoxy garage floor coatings will bring back the beauty of garage floors and will provide durability as well.

  • Restoration of Fountains

    Fountains are a wonderful addition to any home or garden. The calming sound of running water brings peace to your outdoor space, but over time algae and mineral deposits like lime and calcium can take over.

  • Powerwashing

    Exterior floors and surfaces require special attention as they are exposed to the elements - water and rain, uv rays, mineral deposits from watering potted plants, bird droppings and tree sap and berries to name a few.

  • Concrete Cleaning, Polishing, Coating, Staining & Sealing

    Concrete floors add a stylish modern look in homes and living spaces that are becoming increasingly popular. You might assume that you won't have much maintenance with concrete, but they are surprisingly porous surfaces and require specialized care to keep them looking new.

We Clean and Polish Every Type of Stone and Tile

  • Travertine


  • Saltillo


  • Flagstone


  • Glass Tile

    Glass Tile

  • Terracotta


  • Limestone


  • Pavers


  • Porcelain


  • Quarry Tile

    Quarry Tile

  • Sandstone


  • Onyx


  • Slate


  • Ceramic Tile

    Ceramic Tile

  • Brick


  • Marble


  • Natural Stone

    Natural Stone

  • Epoxy


  • Granite